Friday, June 18, 2010

Insurance Companies

If insurance companies were smart they WOULD pay for IVF. Some other countries have it right, I just wish the US would get with it! In other countries where IVF is covered by insurance they often have a clause where they control the amount of eggs implanted. This reduces the risk of multiple births which in return would cost the insurance companies MUCH more money than IVF. It's too bad that infertility is seen as an "optional" medical expense. I didn't choose to be infertile just the same as someone doesn't choose to have a broken leg. It's not like I'm going to get a boob job and I want my insurance company to cover the expense! Some IVF clinics will try and "slip" things through to insurance companies. However, Insurance companies often automatically turn away anything submitted from a clinic with the word "infertility" in it. We had two consultations; both clinics charged us about $300. The clinic who had "Reproductive Medicine" in their name was paid for by the insurance company. The clinic who had "Infertility" in their name was denied for the same service. Insurance companies are not cut and dry by any means; then again, neither is IVF. You need to be a scientist to figure out what procedures, testing, and drugs are covered. And you need to be a detective to figure out what procedures, tests, and drugs you will need and how much each will cost. There is no easy answer! I want someone to give me a calendar associated with dollar amounts to figure this all out!

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Peggy said...

Hi Lizzy:) I have a couple of followers that are also trying to conceive--when I get a moment I will pass them on to you! Hugs!