Saturday, October 30, 2010


Being a TRUE blogger I guess I'm going to share EVERYTHING! I guess you never know if someone out there is going through the same thing right? After my Lupron shots the plan was to wait for a "normal" period so the IVF clinic could test my FSH. Well that never happened. About 6 weeks after my last shot I started bleeding and I mean BLEEDING!!! Very heavy and it lasted a long time. I didn't THINK it was normal then again I had been on drugs and my body had been through so much with the surgeries I thought maybe it was compensating for lost time. I went to the doctor (couldn't get into my normal doctor) and she tested to make sure I wasn't anemic and basically told me to "wait it out." After another couple weeks of bleeding she FINALLY ordered an ultrasound. I asked for my results be sent to my regular doctor. She called two days later and told me my uterus lining was thickened. I am now on progesterone for 10 days, which will cause me to bleed again because I have since stopped. I go back in a couple weeks for another ultrasound. If it is not back to normal I have to have a D & C. (I REALLY hope this doesn't have to happen!) Initially I really felt like it was a setback, however, I have had a little more time to let it settle in. I called the IVF clinic just to let them know what is going on. They don't really care until it comes down to IVF but I want to get started as soon as all of this is cleared up. It's Halloween, I am sick of seeing everyone's posts on FB about spending time with their kids, dressing up the kids, carving pumpkins with the is a picture of our kid!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Busy Week

Aww, I will be glad when this week is over! Wednesday I am in charge of a HUGE customer appreciation event at work. We expecting 340 customers and 23 vendors. Hubby has inventory at his store on Thursday and we have our fundraiser on Friday. I am VERY much looking forward to our fundraiser on Friday. I about break down in tears just thinking about how much love and support surrounds us. I was at my friends house last week helping to organize silent auction items. In a way I feel like I don't want to let everyone down who has been involved and who will attend the event. I think that is a good thing - it's motivational yet I feel a little pressure. I have an ultrasound on Thursday because I started bleeding on September 13th VERY heavily - towards the end of the month it let up a bit then started AGAIN and has only now just stopped. The OB doesn't seem TOO concerned about it. It could be a number of things (side effects from the Lupron, my cyst shedding, my fibroids, just two really bad periods, the uterine lining either thickening or thinning). I have chosen not to worry about it too much; my blood work came back okay and hopefully the ultrasound won't show anything. I am now within 5lbs of my goal weight so I plan on calling the IVF clinic early next week to start the next steps, FINALLY!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Celebrity IVF

Watch Giuliana and Bill's jouney through IVF. Thank you celebrity couples for talking about infertility!!! (even though you're making it look kind of stress free and the fact that you can just write out a check and not even flinch)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mini Vacations

It's kind of been our "thing" this year to have little weekend get aways! This past weekend was no exception. We are enjoying our time together (yes, without children) and just enjoying each other! We hiked, we went to antique shops, we sat on the lake at a beautiful little restaurant; it was just lovely! My attitude is a little more positive than my last post but we still aren't going to the apple orchard! We DID however buy the dog a Halloween costume, sick, I know! Happy fall everyone! kinds of things do you like to do in the Fall?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not in the mood

I'm TRYING to get into the Halloween spirit but I just wonder if the holidays are going to be kind of hard this year? I told my hubby NO apple orchard, NO pumpkin patch, NO dressing up, NO candy! We'll see when it comes down to it I usually love participating in holiday events. Smart and Trendy Moms