Monday, June 21, 2010

Crazy Lady Shots

Tomorrow I go for my 5th $600 crazy lady shot! I call them my crazy lady shot because it is supposed to make your hormones go crazy and cause hot flashes. So far the side affects have been minimal. However, every time I go and get one I have to meet with my doctor to discuss how crazy they are making me! It's nice to see her though, she always asks where we are at in choosing an IVF clinic, etc. I like to believe that my doctor really does care if we have chosen a clinic yet. And I am sure that she DOES want the IVF to work for us! I don't really care if she is just giving me a line of bull because it makes me feel better knowing that she is looking out for my best interest. In a way these shots may be preparing me for IVF. I will get used to being even MORE of a pin cushion and it may soften the blow of the sticker shock for the IVF drugs. I mean $600? The needle IS pretty long but that's a monthly rent payment. Luckily insurance pays 80% because this is still considered treatment for my ovarian cysts. But all in all this all is preparing me for all those shots in the butt.

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