Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Information Overload

I am very lucky in the sense that my husband and I don't have to go through several avenues of infertility therapy such as IUI and Clomid, etc. before trying IVF, which is often a last resort. But once a couple decides to go that route all the information can be overwhelming. How much is it going to cost? What does insurance cover? What are my odds? Which clinic/doctor is best? Is it worth the money? How many men with metal objects are going to be between my legs? I found it very hard to compare clinics and procedures - especially different costs. You also need to learn the IVF "lingo." At first I went into the process thinking I would go with whichever clinic is cheapest. However, after our experiences I feel it is more important to find the clinic you feel most comfortable with. This is probably one of the biggest decisions you will make as a couple and there is a chance it won't even work if you feel uncomfortable with your doctors or clinic. Start to shop around for a clinic
  • Make a chart similar to this one that compare the cost of each clinic http://www.mcrh.com/MCRH-Cost-Comparison-Worksheet.pdf
  • Find out what your insurance does and does not cover
  • Attend seminars of a couple different clinics and get a feel for how each operates
  • Ask lots of questions (you may have to pay for a private consultation)
  • Ask what YOUR chances are (not what the overall clinic's success rates are-they are all about the same and the clinic has to include everyones stats so even if someone was given a 2% chance and they try and don't succeed it is counted)
  • Research potential money back programs clinics may have. But find out before hand if you qualify for a program. (we assumed we would qualify and were extremely disappointed when we didn't)

I never promised any of this was going to be easy. In fact it is extremely overwhelming. You are still dealing with the emotions of infertility. I cried after every meeting/ seminar/ consultation that we had. It doesn't seem fair that you have to go through the procedures and financial burdens to conceive when everyone else just has to "boink" to get the same results.

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