Friday, January 28, 2011

Second meeting with social worker - DONE

This is a photo of all the books we have already for the baby! Hope they like to read!

We had our second meeting with our social worker the day before my surgery! It went really well! We are very excited about how well everything is going so far. We discussed our autobiographies we had written. She just had a few questions on things she found interesting or things she needed more information on. I was worried she would just focus on everything negative but she didn't.

We really like our social worker! She just has so much wisdom and you can tell she loves what she does. She tells lots of stories and gives parental advice that I find refreshing. The next step is our parenting classes the middle of February. With as well as my surgery went I am relived and feel confident that I will be able to sit through them. We also have to do a few online classes.

My recovery is going well. I feel better every day. I move around more on my own and I am less dependant on my husband. I couldn't have done this without him though, he has been WONDERFUL!!! I have had a few visitors which helps the time go faster. Yesterday I went to the doctor to have my stitches out and I was EXHAUSTED when I came home. That was enough excitement for me!

We're excited about the future!

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Annie said...

Great to hear that you are recovering well. And how encouraging that things are moving along well in the adoption journey, too. No wonder you and your husband are excited about the future!