Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hoping 2011 is THE YEAR!

I am sure many of my IF friends could say the same thing! And I TRULY hope 2011 is the year for ALL of us. Even if it just means being at peace with our decisions. I wish everyone joy, fortune, happiness, and of course babies!

Recap of 2010: February 3 - laparatomy - ran into complications, endo was much worse than suspected, surgeons managed to save a portion of my last ovary, in the hospital 5 days, recovery at home 5 weeks. (dropped by short term disability due to preexisting conditions)

March - started 6 months of crazy lady shots to stop the spread of endo

April - met with first IVF clinic, felt like a number, not personal at all, started to realize the financial implications of IVF and started to weigh the risks vs benefits.

May - met with second IVF clinic, felt much better and more optimistic, we were given a 40% chance that IVF would work

June - started on new insurance that would pay a PORTION of IVF drugs and possibly some procedures

July - last crazy lady shot, now just waiting for a "normal" AF and had to lose 10 more lbs

September - started to bleed, hmmm, must be really bad after being on lupron for 6 months? is this normal?

October - ok, bleeding for 6 weeks, VERY heavy, THIS IS NOT NORMAL!!!

October 22nd, my WONDERFUL friends through us a fundraiser for our IVF, we were SO blessed to have them help out with the financial burden we were facing

November 10 - ultrasound shows thickening of uterine wall and polyps

Nobember 18 - D and C (2 day recovery)

December 1st - Follow up with doctor. BAD NEWS. She consulted with the IVF clinic and they are not willing to even attempt IVF. There is too much fluid around the ovary, the ovary is still connected to the bowel, and the abnormal uterine wall would most likely not withstand an implanting egg. Hubs and I grieve the loss of our biological child. (we expected the news but it was very hard to hear).

December 15 - Attend orientation with adoption agency

December 20th - receive first portion of the adoption home study. Consultation with the surgeon who will do my hysterectomy and schedule it for Jan. 21

Have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!!! 2011 is where it is at!!!

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Patience said...

2011 will be the year! :) Thanks for your comments on my blog- meant a great deal!