Monday, January 10, 2011

Home Study

Well, the home study for adoption is underway! They weren't lying when they said it was a lot of paperwork! So far we have turned in our first round of paper work, gotten physicals, gotten fingerprinted, and completed an online background check to be sent to the agency. We had one meeting with our social worker. She is wonderful. She has been doing this for 30 years and you can just tell how much she loves it. Just when I was all excited because I had turned in all of our paperwork she gave us more. The next step is an autobiography. We have a 5-page document of single spaced questions to answer. Hubs and I are diligently working on them (we each have our own) and turning it into a competition of course! For any that have gone through this what is your advice for the home study portion of adoption? What did you find useful or not useful?


Annie said...

My hubby and I filled out the first round of paperwork for adoption before changing course, so we never got into the heavy-duty questions. I've always wondered what sort of questions you have to answer (5 pages?!). I never could find real examples of adoption paperwork online.

Kyrstin said...

Hi Liz, Our good friends did all of this last year. If you want I can give you their names if you have any questions!