Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Adoption IS okay!

I really thought the whole process of my hysterectomy was going to be more emotional for me. It is so final! It means I will never be pregnant, never give birth, never feel a baby kick inside of me. I will not have a "normal" 9 month waiting period where I can announce on FB that I am pregnant, my aunts can plan me a traditional baby shower, I can go to an ultrasound and see the baby growing inside of me. I will never look at a child and say "Aw, she has my eyes, she has my husbands nose." BUT THAT IS OKAY!

Sure there was a little while in November that I had to be sad about it but my feelings have come full circle and I am very excited about our adoption. I know in my heart that there is a baby out there for us and we will be united at some point. I finally feel like the uncertainty of our infertility has ended! God planned it this way. We were meant to adopt and I can't wait to welcome a baby into our family!


Peggy said...

Hope you are feeling good and healing quickly! My, you have gone thru so much but your smile and positive outlook is the healthiest thing you can have. Lots of hugs and prayers as you wait for your new baby in your lives:)

Annie said...

That is one lucky baby that will be coming your way! Hope your recovery is going well.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the surgery went okay and the book collection looks fantastic! Congrats early for your future kiddos that are so lucky to have you.