Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let it snow!

For those of you not in MN we got a quick reminder of what winter is like today. About 10 inches of BIG, HEAVY, WET snow fell. Tree branches were matted down by the white stuff and there were down power lines, fender benders, and spin outs everywhere!
Normally I would have sat on my couch with a cup of hot cocoa and just enjoyed being in a winter wonderland. However, it had to be the weekend we picked to replace our roof after a huge wind storm a couple weeks ago. Yesterday went very well and we were ahead of schedule but today was another story. What do ya do if your roof is half torn off and just covered by tarps?
Luckily we had wonderful people to help and I was not required to do much manual labor (yuk)! I sat with a heat pad most of the day on my left ovary which has been acting up. I did find time to put up our Christmas tree however. I figured this would help my mood and keep my mind off of things (like hubs falling off the roof and my upcoming surgery this week).
What a weekend!!!

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Annie said...

I know we were incredibly lucky to have great weather this far into November, but it was still sad to wake up on Saturday to all that snow!

I stayed in my PJs until 3 pm while others did the shoveling. It's sure nice to have big strong guys around to do the manual labor!Hope you got your roof all fixed up to withstand the beating ahead.

Best wishes to you on your surgery. Praying it will fix things up so you can move forward!