Friday, November 19, 2010

D and C

Yesterday I had my D and C. All in all it went well. I had some cramping and my left ovary really hurt but they gave me some nice meds for that and I rested most of the day. I stayed home today as well because I think being anemic is just kicking my butt!! I need some rest! My hemoglobin had gone down because the iron pills haven't really kicked in yet. The most annoying part of the whole day was waiting to go into surgery. I was all prepped and waiting for my surgeon to arrive (who was running late). There were four rooms just separated by one wall and curtains and you could hear EVERYTHING! I know exactly what procedure everyone else was having. I know their medical history, if they smoke, if they are allergic to anything, etc. The patient across the way from me we refer to as "hill billy bob" was having hernia surgery, on his left side (which he marked for his doctor), he loved golf, he had had several surgeries before, he smoked 1/2 pack of cigarettes a day, he had 4 children, his father owned a golf course but fell out of a tree earlier this year. I even got to hear how he was going to have "swelling in his scrotum area" which he seemed pretty concerned about. I heard all about how to take care of his incisions, and then I heard him ask his doctor when they could resume "romance." OK, all of this was TMI!!!!!! It was a little entertaining but more annoying - it did make the time go faster. After surgery I came home and rested most of the night and took a few pain pills. Everything looked good inside of me. I had several "families" of polyps which my doctor still doesn't understand why this happened because of the drugs I was on. She said none of them looked cancerous but we will know for sure in a couple of days. She is going to call my IVF doctor and talk to her about the latest developments. I really do love my doctor and I wouldn't have wanted anyone else working on me!

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Michelle said...

Rest up! Glad the surgery went well. I hate those "privacy" curtains..they are so Not private.