Monday, November 29, 2010

It's out of my control now

It's out of my control now but I feel like crossing my fingers and crossing my toes that we get good news on Wednesday! We have our post-op appointment. I am hoping my OB has compared notes with my RE and they are going to have a beautiful plan in place to get me pregnant with my own biological child! Ok, now I might be going overboard with optimism! I DO hope they are honest with us about what our chances are so we can make an educated decision.
As if I wasn't going through enough I got my "friend" only a week after my D and C. Could my body cut me a LITTLE break. I was in SO much pain I had to take prescription pain killers a couple times (this is not normal people). I didn't know that I could get my "friend" after surgery so I called the on call doctor and her response was "take a pregnancy test." URG, if I COULD get pregnant I wouldn't be IN this situation. Not to mention doing the baby dance has been out of the question not only after surgery but plenty BEFORE surgery because i have been BLEEDING for THREE MONTHS!!!!!! There, I feel better!
Thanks for listening! Praying for and crossing every appendage possible for good news!


Patience said...

I hope you get some great news at your appointment. Ugh on your "friend" arriving. What a pain! (literally!)

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

Mel said...

I hope your appt went well today and you got some good news. Thanks for the ecard that you sent me.

I'll be looking for an update on your blog..