Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our Baby - For Now

Many couples get a dog as a "trial" run for having children. Having a dog can train couples that it's not always possible to just get up and go away for the weekend. Disciplining a dog and deciding what is best for your dog can teach communication skills to couples. We are no exception but I feel we have had enough practice now!
  • The dog is always well fed with fresh water and raw hides on hand
  • The dog is disciplined when he is naughty
  • We take the dog on lots of walks, we play fetch with him, and he owns lots of toys
  • The dog is not home alone for longer than an 8 hour work day
  • The dog is groomed and taken to the vet regularly
  • We even clean up dog poop from the yard and dog hair from the house

He is a very happy and well taken care of puppy - am pretty sure we have the situation under control. Can we have a baby now?


Annie said...

I wish it were up to me - I would say yes, give this woman a baby!

landert said...

Thanks Annie, I wish it were up to you :-)