Monday, July 26, 2010

Disgrace to the IF world

Self magazine has an article in their current issue that actually is shedding some light on infertility. I will blog more about it later because the article makes some very good points and it is a good read for people who can easily get pregnant to understand what infertile couples go through. However, Elle recently published this article; which is a disgrace to the IF world! Man, I wish there was a place to respond because I would give the author and Elle a piece of my not so fertile mertile mind! First, how can you go through fertility treatments and not understand the risk of multiples? The author of this article is so naive it is unbelievable. The focus of article is on how unappreciative the woman is that she got pregnant in the first place and that her and her husband are actually upset they got pregnant with twins. She claims they didn't understand the risks and they can't afford or handle twins. They eventually eliminate one of the babies - even after being so far along that they could tell the sex of the baby. Second, I understand the purpose of the article was not to focus on infertility treatment, but the author took the significance of the treatments for grated. She even stated that her husband's "crap" insurance paid for 3 rounds of IVF. REALLY? That is the BEST crap insurance I have ever heard of. That kind of crap insurance would change my life forever right now! Her terminology is often not even correct and makes the process sound as easy as going to the doctor and getting your blood pressure taken. Third, what kind of SANE people who have suffered from infertility would ever even CONSIDER eliminating a baby when you were pregnant with only twins? (unless there were serious medical reasons) If the purpose of the article was to debate the issue of selective reduction and the struggles that couples face it should NOT have been written about a couple pregnant with only twins! The reality is that MOST couples who suffer from infertility would be ecstatic to become pregnant with a singleton or twins. After going through infertility MOST couples appreciate the complexity of the process and would gladly accept any child as a gift from God. It's too bad that an article like this makes the IF world seem like they take things for granted when it is actually the opposite. I wish Elle would look into better sources next time! There are SO many beautiful stories out there that could be told - some with happy endings and others' aren't so fortunate but we seem to stick together no matter what.

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