Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good luck!

I had my last crazy lady shot yesterday! AHH, momentous, 6 months of shots over with! Once a month I would have to leave work early to make my monthly visit, get my weight, get my shot, and usually a small chit chat with my doctor; then I would turn around on my way out and make my next appointment. It became routine. Since this was my last shot I only had a lab only appointment and I was thoroughly disappointed when some stranger [nurse] called my name. I was already to say "thank you" and "good bye" and "see you when I am pregnant" to my usual nurse whom I had bonded with over the last 6 months. She knew everything that I had gone through, she knew my cycle in and out, she knew all the symptoms I had been having, etc. While I am sure this stranger-nurse also could read my story I didn't feel like she had been with me through it all. To her I was just another needle in the arm! And finally, when it was all said and done, she gave me a "good luck!" As I walked out of the doctor's office I paused and became teary eyed. Did she understand the ramifications that "good luck" may have? Did she understand that "good luck" meant that my next visit to that office would hopefully be to hear a baby's heart beat? Did she understand that if I did NOT have "good luck" that meant that I would be back only for my yearly visits and probably eventually for a hysterectomy because I would deem my girl parts useless and nothing but a nuisance? I am sure that IVF is mostly science and that in all actuality there is little luck involved. However, to a point I believe there is some luck, faith, hope, karma, fate; however you would like to put it, involved. It's just funny how much that one little saying in just one little moment of my day had SO much meaning behind it! So to all my IF friends "good luck!"


Tyne said...


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Annie said...

Bet you're glad that routine is over! I also think there is not just science but also some luck involved in our journeys. Good luck to you, too!

Jodie said...

Yay for no more crazy lady shots. Phase 1 complete!!! Sending LOTS of luck your way! :)