Saturday, June 26, 2010

Support Staff

In any facet of life it is important to surround yourself with positive people who add happiness to your life. It is my belief that with a good support system you can make it through just about anything - that doesn't necessarily mean it will be easy but EASIER maybe. I am truly blessed with wonderful friends, family, and an incredible husband. Even though most of my friends don't understand what I am going through they are supportive and always have an open ear. My husband doesn't always show his emotions; like most men. But I know it affects him too. We are forced to be there for each other - we are battling this together. I sometimes feel like it is my fault that we are in this situation and it angers him that I would even have the tiniest thought of feeling guilty. Lets face it, the woman has to go through hell during IVF. My husband has ultimately let me make the decision if I want to go through all of the unnatural hormone therapy, the rigorous schedule of testing and taking medications, and the emotional and physical stress on my body. It is his support and understanding that will eventually get us through this. Whether it be reaching out to a friend, family member, or researching on the Internet it is important that you have a strong support system. I am forever grateful for everyone that is there for me and I love you all!

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