Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It Just Isn't Fair

I don't want my blog to be whiny or to seem like I am always complaining; however, anyone struggling with infertility has had days where they feel it just isn't fair. With that said, I know that there are a lot of people going through a lot of worse things than I am right now and I am grateful for the things I do have. Unfortunately though, I feel the need to complain just a little bit! I am MORE than happy for all of my friends who are all WONDERFUL parents! However, it's the parents who I don't feel deserve to be parents that anger me! Parents who abuse or neglect their children do not deserve the privilege of being a mother or a father. Parents who don't know what birth control is, live off of welfare, and keep bringing child after child into poverty - that's who bothers me! Believe it or not one of the TV shows I watch is 19 Kids and Counting. They don't believe in birth control and believe that God will give them as many children as he wants them to have and can handle. Does this mean that God doesn't think I can handle children? They can have 19 and all I am suffering to have one or two in a lifetime! I know my husband and I will be wonderful parents and I just find it frustrating that people can get pregnant when they are too immature to have a child, when they are having a "one night stand," or when they are addicted to drugs and we can't get pregnant and bring a child into a loving, stable, providing home.

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Kyrstin said...

You have every right to complain and vent - it is completely normal! Thinking of you :)