Saturday, October 30, 2010


Being a TRUE blogger I guess I'm going to share EVERYTHING! I guess you never know if someone out there is going through the same thing right? After my Lupron shots the plan was to wait for a "normal" period so the IVF clinic could test my FSH. Well that never happened. About 6 weeks after my last shot I started bleeding and I mean BLEEDING!!! Very heavy and it lasted a long time. I didn't THINK it was normal then again I had been on drugs and my body had been through so much with the surgeries I thought maybe it was compensating for lost time. I went to the doctor (couldn't get into my normal doctor) and she tested to make sure I wasn't anemic and basically told me to "wait it out." After another couple weeks of bleeding she FINALLY ordered an ultrasound. I asked for my results be sent to my regular doctor. She called two days later and told me my uterus lining was thickened. I am now on progesterone for 10 days, which will cause me to bleed again because I have since stopped. I go back in a couple weeks for another ultrasound. If it is not back to normal I have to have a D & C. (I REALLY hope this doesn't have to happen!) Initially I really felt like it was a setback, however, I have had a little more time to let it settle in. I called the IVF clinic just to let them know what is going on. They don't really care until it comes down to IVF but I want to get started as soon as all of this is cleared up. It's Halloween, I am sick of seeing everyone's posts on FB about spending time with their kids, dressing up the kids, carving pumpkins with the is a picture of our kid!!!

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Annie said...

What a cutie! But I hope next Halloween you will have a sweet fat baby to dress up!