Monday, October 18, 2010

Busy Week

Aww, I will be glad when this week is over! Wednesday I am in charge of a HUGE customer appreciation event at work. We expecting 340 customers and 23 vendors. Hubby has inventory at his store on Thursday and we have our fundraiser on Friday. I am VERY much looking forward to our fundraiser on Friday. I about break down in tears just thinking about how much love and support surrounds us. I was at my friends house last week helping to organize silent auction items. In a way I feel like I don't want to let everyone down who has been involved and who will attend the event. I think that is a good thing - it's motivational yet I feel a little pressure. I have an ultrasound on Thursday because I started bleeding on September 13th VERY heavily - towards the end of the month it let up a bit then started AGAIN and has only now just stopped. The OB doesn't seem TOO concerned about it. It could be a number of things (side effects from the Lupron, my cyst shedding, my fibroids, just two really bad periods, the uterine lining either thickening or thinning). I have chosen not to worry about it too much; my blood work came back okay and hopefully the ultrasound won't show anything. I am now within 5lbs of my goal weight so I plan on calling the IVF clinic early next week to start the next steps, FINALLY!!!!!


Annie said...

Woohoo! Congrats on reaching your weight goal (well, almost there!) and on having a fundraiser. I hope this is the start of a dream coming true.

daega99 said...

Yay for meeting your goal! Hope all goes well!


Anonymous said...

congrats on reaching your goal!

i hope the week's events went off without a hitch and that you got great news after your u/s!


Browniris said...

I hope the fundraiser went well!!!

Happy ICLW!

Sharee said...

Good for you! If you're anything like me it is not easy shedding those final few pounds, so I hope you are giving yourself a high five! Did the big event go off without a hitch??


Melissa G said...

Congrats on the weightloss and getting ready to cycle!

Hope the rest of your week goes smoothly - and quickly!

Krissi said...

Sorry about the heavy periods! I dealt with that too and I'm now on the pill to regulate my hormones...oh the irony! Way to go on the weight loss! Good luck with Ivf! Happy ICLW! #72 & 106